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BIO 130 Exam 4

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The World Health Organization estimates that            people (mostly in developing nations) die from unhealthy indoor air conditions every year.

Which of the following is NOT true about photochemical smogs?

Atmospheric (air) pollutants impact the respiratory system (lungs, bronchii) of animals more than other systems in the body

Which room in your house is most likely to have mold, an indoor air pollutant that can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions?

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is caused by exposure to which air pollutants. Check all that apply.


Which common air pollutant is a primary damager of crops (including cotton, a large crop in AZ!)?

Which room in a typical U.S. house is most likely to have high concentrations of Radon?

Coal‑burning industries emit soot and sulfurous compounds that can lead to acid rain.


The gas found in the highest proportion in the atmosphere is              .

Which common disease is NOT included in the suite of diseases of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)?

In the United States, we recycle and compost about 1/3 of our solid waste.

How does the amount of solid waste produced per person in the U.S. in the year 2012 compare with the amount of solid waste produced per person in 1960?


In the daily operation of a landfill, it is important to vent biogas from a landfill because          .  Choose the most important reason

Landfill gas can be combusted as a source of energy.

"Pay as you throw," or PAYT programs decrease the amount of solid waste that people send to a landfill or incinerator

The hazardous heavy metal found in CFL bulbs is                 

Now that landfills are designed to decrease the amount of leachate that is formed, decomposition of waste is much quicker


You can use decommissioned landfills (covered with soil and no longer used) for parks and open space

Which of the following is not a primary "fate" of a soil/groundwater contaminant?

The National Priorities List that was established as part of CERCLA is a list of


CERCLA and the Superfund were implemented for all of the following reasons EXCEPT

In relation to the Superfund program, what does PRP stand for?

In the U.S., cities with growing populations have expanded in land area since 1950, but northern cities that have shrinking populations have decreased in land surface area

How many people in developing nations do NOT have access to safe drinking water?

The United Nations characterizes a development as a slum if it meets which of the following criteria? Select ALL that apply.

Biodiversity declines as population density and the amount of development increases in an area

What is thermal pollution?

During which process in the treatment of wastewater are nitrogen and phosphorous removed?

What does TMDL stand for, when referring to the Clean Water Act?

Which of the following is NOT a component in a household septic system?

Contaminated sediments are challenging to remediate because the contaminants can sorb onto the sediments, such that they serve as a source of contamination long term

During which process in the treatment of wastewater are the large particles/debris removed?

During which process in the treatment of wastewater are any remaining pathogenic microbes killed?

Worldwide, there are 1 billion deaths/year from waterborne disease.





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