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BIO 130 Exam 2

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Sea otters protect kelp forests by consuming the sea urchins that chew through the kelp holdfasts. The ecosystem of a kelp forest would go through drastic changes including significant damage to the kelp and all organisms that depend on the kelp if the sea otther was removed. This is a perfect example of

Producers make lowpotential‐energy organic molecules from high‐potential‐energy raw materials


The primary source of Earth's energy, for use by living things, is

The process of respiration is       % efficient at harnessing the chemical energy in food.


Carrying capacity is defined as the maximum population of a species that a given habitat or ecosystem can support without being degraded

What trophic level category is a carnivore?


A food chain describes where energy and nutrients go as they move from one organism to another

The primary climatic factor for determining the biome of a region is


Photosynthesis harnesses the Sun’s energy and transforms it into chemical energy (i.e.,sugar).

What trophic level category is a herbivore?

Approximately what % of the energy taken in by a consumer is used to create new body tissue?

The green pigment in plants and algae that enables them to harness the Sun's energy to convert CO2 to sugar is called      .

Phosphorous is a primary component of organic molecules (that make up living things).

The products of cellular respiration are                                 .

All populations are capable of adapting when subjected to selective pressure.

Natural selection is the process by which specific traits favor the survival of some individuals over others

Species can occupy multiple ecosystems and migrate between them.

Most species on this planet are concentrated in biogeographic hotspots that are

Which of the following is the correct order for the classification of life?

Which group of organisms has the most discovered species?

In the classification of life, scientific names include the genus capitalized and the species in lower case with both parts italicized, such as Felis concolor.

Which of the following mass extinction events was the most recent and wiped out 85% of all species including all of the dinosaurs?

 The major threats to biodiversity include

After the last Ice Age, the human population began to increase because people began farming and so they had a more steady food supply, and it was advantageous to have larger families to work the land.


In 2050, the United Nations predicts that the global human population will be  people

When you look at a graph of global human populations with more recent years, including future projections, what does the shape tell you?


In 2025, the United Nations predicts that the global human population will be


According to the equation developed by Paul Ehrlich and John Holdren to describe the human environmental impact (I), I=P x A x T, what does the "A" stand for?


More industrialized (and crowded) societies tend to go through a demographic transition in which population growth

Population projections for the near future are higher than they have been in the past, because of the two factors           and     (choose 2).What does this equation represent; (Births + Immigration) ‑ (Deaths + Emigration)?

Malthus predicted that populations will continue to grow until they are reduced by which of the following factors?  Check ALL that apply

The current rate of population growth is faster than the rate of growth in food production

Grains can be used for      . Choose ALL that apply

In the tropics, including countries like Brazil, new croplands are being converted from

Every 1 calorie of grains eaten by a pig or cow turns into 1 calorie of meat.






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