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As a volunteer at the Prairie Hill Humane Society, you are helping to create a newsletter updating local residents on fund-raising and volunteer efforts

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Shelly Cashman Word 2013

Chapters 4-7: SAM Capstone Project 1a

Prairie Hill Humane Society

completing a newsletter


As a volunteer at the Prairie Hill Humane Society, you are helping to create a newsletter updating local residents on fund-raising and volunteer efforts. You will format the two-page newsletter by adding a WordArt heading, creating one table and revising another, creating and applying a new style, formatting text in columns, adding a textbox and editing a photo.


Download the following file from the SAM website:


Open the file you just downloaded and save it with the name:


Hint: If you do not see the .docx file extension in the Save file dialog box, do not type it. Word will add the file extension for you automatically.

To complete this Project, you will also need to download and save the following support files from the SAM website:


With the file SC_Word2013_CS_C4-7_P1a_FirstLastName_2.docx still open, ensure that your first and last name is displayed in the footer. If the footer does not display your name, delete the file and download a new copy from the SAM website.


1.             Set custom document margins by changing the top and bottom margins to 0.5”.

2.             Turn on automatic hyphenation for the document.

3.             Change the heading font of the document theme to Cambria and save the customized theme font using the name Prairie.

4.             Move the insertion point to the blank paragraph after “Help Us Help Our Animal Friends.” Insert WordArt using the Fill – Brown, Accent 1, Shadow option (2nd column, 1st row of the WordArt gallery). Type Prairie Hill Humane Society as the WordArt text.


5.             Apply the following formatting to the WordArt shape:

a.    Change the text wrapping to Top and Bottom.

b.    Resize the WordArt to a height of 0.8” and a width of 6.5”.

c.     Apply the Chevron Up text effect (1st column, 2nd row in the Warp section of the Transform gallery).

6.             Format the “Help Us Help Our Animal Friends” paragraph as follows:

a.    Add a Box paragraph border.

b.    Apply the Red, Accent 5 border color (9th column, 1st row in the Color palette in the Borders and Shading dialog box).

c.     Use a 3 pt. border width.

d.    Apply the Brown, Accent 1 shading color (5th column, 1st row in the Shading gallery).

e.    Change the font color to White, Background 1 (1st column, 1st row in the Theme Colors palette).

f.     Apply the Small Caps font effect.

7.             Create a style based on the formats in the “Help Us Help Our Animal Friends” heading. Name the new style Boxed Heading.

8.             At the top of page two, apply the new Boxed Heading style to the “Prairie Hill Wish List” heading.

9.             In the table on page one, in the “TOTAL” row of the “Amount” column, insert a formula that sums the numeric values above the “Total” row.

10.         In the “Amount” column, change the amount of the city grant from $5,000 to $10,000. Update the formula in the “TOTAL” row for the “Amount” column to display the correct total.

11.         Distribute the columns so they are of equal width.

12.         Move the insertion point to the blank paragraph above the paragraph that begins “To join our volunteer crew….” Insert text from the file support_SC_W13_CS_C4-7_P1a_volunteers.docx, available for download from the SAM website, and then create a table as follows:

a.    Convert the inserted text to a table with 4 columns.

b.    In row 1 of the table, merge the cells in columns 3 and 4. In each of the remaining rows (rows 2–5), merge the cells in columns 3 and 4.

c.     Insert a row at the bottom of the table and enter the text shown in the bottom row in Figure 1 on the following page.

13.         Format the new table as follows:

a.    Apply the Grid Table 4– Accent 1 style to the table.

b.    AutoFit the table to its contents.

c.     Sort the table so that the hours per week appear in descending order.

14.         In the last paragraph of page one, delete the Company Email content control and replace it with the following email address:

15.         Format the “” email address as a hyperlink using the information shown in bold in Table 1 below.

 16.         In the blank paragraph at the bottom of page one, insert a SmartArt graphic as follows:

a.    Use the Equation style.

b.    Insert the text Donors into the first shape. Insert the text Volunteers into the second shape. Insert the text Happy Pets into the third shape.

c.     Resize the entire SmartArt to a height of 1.3” and a width of 6.35”

17.         On page two, move the insertion point to the beginning of the “Canine Supplies,” and then insert a Continuous section break.

18.         Format the new section to display text in three columns.

19.         With the insertion point at the beginning of the “Canine Supplies” heading, insert a text box:

a.    Insert the Banded Quote text box (1st column, 2nd row in the Text Box gallery).

b.    Enter the following text into the text box:

We’re always in need of supplies. Consider donating any of the items on our wish list.

c.     Change the text wrapping around the text box to Tight.

20.         At the bottom of the first column, insert a Column break at the beginning of the “Feline Supplies” heading.

21.         Move the text box down so that it appears between columns 1 and 2, below “Collars” in the “Canine Supplies” list, as shown in Figure 2 below.


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