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APA 345 Final Exam

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I have not given or received help on this test.  All of the answers I submit for this exam are solely my own and written solely by me

The increasing national media attention that the Vincent Chin case began to receive was actually detrimental to the cause


According to Bill Nichols, “Historical Consciousness and the Viewer,” in addition to its particular filmic form, the video is most powerful because of the ways it can tap into a viewer’s

According to Helen Zia, the decline of the American auto industry was initially blamed on


Vincent Chin was attacked and killed because he was thought to be:

According to Helen Zia, the first Chinese immigrants in Detroit worked mostly in:


Viewed through their own photographic memories, the few captured images of Japanese Americans during internment reflect feelings of conflict, resistance, or brutal injustice

According to Marita Sturken (“Absent Images of Memory”), despite the payment of reparations and the semblance of a national atonement, the Japanese American internment still continues to be viewed as a historical event that was __________.


According to Marita Sturken (“Absent Images of Memory”) documentary images of a historical event are always helpful in the process of memory

According to Peter X. Feng, Chan Is Missing argues for the fluidity and shifting of Chinese American identity by


Chan Is Missing was praised by critics for its “arthouse” appeal, but condemned for its inaccurate portrayal of Chinatown

Peter X. Feng suggests in his essay “Becoming Chinese” that Steve’s role-playing throughout the film demonstrates how identity is fluid in a hyphenated American. He is constantly in the process of “becoming.”


The film Chan Is Missing announced that Asian Americans

According to Chan’s “Negotiating Culture,” she examines the influential sociological theories of Robert E. Park’s model of “race relations cycle.” This model describes the four successive stages of interaction between immigrants and the host: contact, conflict, accommodation, and assimilation. However, Chan argues that this model is not applicable to what ethnic minorities?


In Chan’s “Negotiating Culture” Ethnogenesis is described as the construction and ____________ of American ethnicity

Most Cambodians struggle with assimilation when it comes to:

The film’s ending suggests that ultimately there is a geographical and acceptable social space for Demetrius and Mina’s relationship


Seshagiri argues her essay “At the Crossroads of Two Empires” that in Mira Nair’s film, Mississippi Masala, ________ influences identity as fundamentally as ethnicity

According to Robert Lee’s essay “Disobedient Citizenship,” the film’s model minority is best embodied in which character?


Ultimately, Seshagiri’s point is that “that the inescapable legacy of ________ produces a disjuncture between the film’s forward-looking politics and its ambivalent ending

In the film The Wedding Banquet, in opposition to the authentic Chinese identity demanded by his father, Wai-Tung’s __________ stands in for the hybrid, inauthentic state of the Westernized ethnic subject


Chiang’s essay “Coming Out into the Global System” argues that in The Wedding Banquet, “the closet” is a function of _________ as well as sexuality

In The Wedding Banquet, the actual wedding banquet represents the traditional comic resolution to a dilemma


Mark Chiang suggests in his essay “Coming Out into the Global System” that to understand the implications of The Wedding Banquet, the film must be looked at from a Chinese perspective and an American perspective.

According to Alice Hom and David Eng in “Q & A” What is one direct historical reason for the rise of Queer Asian American Studies?


According to authors Hom and Eng in “Q & A” mainstream lesbian and gay organizations in the US must consider

What makes the Stonewall Riots an erased (or even) silenced history about race “and” sexuality and not just sexuality?


While Fire is an adaptation of “The Quilt,” how does it change the original short story’s use of destabilizing power and sexual relations?

According to Gopinath’s essay, “Local Sites/Global Contexts,” contemporary Hindu and Muslim nationalism is based on the idea of communal identity through the practice and ideology of 


In resisting compulsory heterosexuality, the representation of female queer desire in the film Fire also resists 

Gopinath argues in her essay, “Local Sites/Global Contexts” that Indian nationalists during the early twentieth century used the threat of homosexuality to signify 



Many of the films we have watched since the midterm exam take place in the post 1965 era of new Asian immigration.  How did the change of new immigration change Asian American films?


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