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ANTH 101 Cultural Anthropology Quiz 4

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Why does the village of Newtok in Alaska need to be moved? Select one:

Which of the following statements about British colonialism is not true? 


According to Weber, what are the three dimensions of social stratification?

Which is not generally true of core nations? Select one:

Which of the following statements about world-system theory is not true? Select one:

In what area of public policy is autochthony most likely to play a role? 


What fueled the European "Age of Discovery"? Select one:

How were many postcolonial countries, especially in Africa, formed? Select one:

In terms of energy consumption, what nation consumes the most nonrenewable resources today?

The deliberate physical extinction of a group is known as 


Which of the following is not true of 20th-century industrialization? 

According to Marx, classes are 


In what kind of manufacturing system does an entrepreneur supply raw materials to workers in their homes and collect the finished products from them?

Native Australians relate to the movie Rambo because Select one:

What group has worked within the United Nations to support indigenous rights? 


Neoliberalism entails all of the following except

What has the company BHP Billiton done in Papua New Guinea? 

Which of the following statements about Sudan is true? 


Which of the following does not describe indigenous identities? Select one:

What term refers to wealth or resources invested in business with the intent of producing a profit?

Given the mobility of people today, anthropologists increasingly are shifting their attention from local communities to


Which of the following is one of the proofs given by scientists that the current climate change is human driven?

Why is the idea of corruption an issue in postsocialist countries? 


What is the dominant intervention philosophy today? Select one:

The former Soviet Union, as well as the socialist and previously socialist countries of Eastern Europe and Asia, are sometimes referred to as

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