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ANTH 101 Cultural Anthropology Quiz 1

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What term refers to the process by which humans innovate, creatively finding solutions to problems?

Classic ethnographies, like those of Malinowski, tend to focus

What term refers to the different symbol-based patterns and traditions associated with particular groups within the same complex society?

What term refers to the arrangement and order of words in phrases and sentences? 


Which linguist has argued that all human languages have a common structural basis and that all humans have similar linguistic abilities?

Ethnography is 


What phenomenon does Kottak describe about his arrival in Arembepe, Brazil? 

The Romance languages (e.g., French, Spanish) belong to which of the following language families?

Which of the following plays a role in determining skin color?

Which of the following strategies is unique to anthropology? Select one:

What is the term for cultural change that results when two or more cultures have continuous firsthand contact?

What term refers to the specialized set of terms and distinctions that are particularly important to certain groups?

Which statement about nonhuman primate calls is not true? Select one:

Klein's "creative explosion" hypothesis states that modern human behaviors began in 


During the first few weeks in the field, the anthropologist will 

Linguistic displacement is 


An anthropologist is studying ethnic-religious conflict in contemporary Sri Lanka. She or he is most likely a(n)

What did the village children do for the first few days that Kottak was in Arembepe the first time?

What kinds of people do anthropologists consider to be "cultured"? 


In his study of New York department store employees, Labov found that 

What is the ethnographic present?


The use of anthropological findings, concepts, and methods to accomplish a desired end is known as

Which of the following causes neural tube defects? 


The emergence of agriculture in at least seven different regions of the world is an example of

Which of the following is not a distinctive feature of four-field anthropology? Select one:

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