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ANTH 101 Cultural Anthropology Midterm Exam

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All humans were foragers until approximately 

What is the name of the family in which a child is raised? Select one:

An anthropologist is studying ethnic-religious conflict in contemporary Sri Lanka. She or he is most likely a(n)

What is an ascribed status? 


What is the term for all of a language's morphemes and their meanings? Select one:

What term refers to the different symbol-based patterns and traditions associated with particular groups within the same complex society?

In order for a class system to be open, it must facilitate Select one:

What kind of researcher has traditionally studied small, non-Western populations? 


What is the name of the custom in which a widow marries the brother of her deceased husband?

What term refers to an organism's evident traits, its "manifest biology"? Select one:

Which of the following plays a role in determining skin color? Select one:

What is the term for the processes by which organisms cope with environmental forces and stresses?

What is an age set? 


What do sociolinguists study? 

Why do human populations living in temperate, northern climates generally have light skin color?

The zadruga is a type of extended-family household found in what part of the world? Select one:

An anthropologist should remain with the group they are studying for 


The process by which children learn culture is known as 

Which linguist has argued that all human languages have a common structural basis and that all humans have similar linguistic abilities?


How are cultural rights different from human rights? Select one:

What kinds of people do anthropologists consider to be "cultured"? Select one:

Foraging economies are usually associated with which type of sociopolitical organization? 


What is the term for processes that are causing nations and people to be increasingly interlinked and mutually dependent?

The study of communication through body movements, stances, gestures, and expressions is called:

Which of the following is not a distinctive feature of four-field anthropology? 


The term alienation is used to describe what phenomenon in industrial economies? 

How does horticulture differ from agriculture? Select one:

Some populations like the Polynesians, the San, or the people of northern India have phenotypes that do not fit neatly into "standard" racial categories. This suggests that Select one:

Which of the following statements is true of Arembepe, Brazil? 


Which of the following statements about the incest taboo is true? 

Klein's "creative explosion" hypothesis states that modern human behaviors began in 


Which statement about nonhuman primate calls is not true? 

Which of the following is the most important factor in determining an individual's power and prestige in a state?

What is the term for a sign that has no necessary or natural connection to the thing it stands for or signifies?

What is the ethnographic present? Select one:

Linguists believe that 


What kind of social unit is common among foragers? 

The incest taboo is a cultural universal, but 


An obligatory interaction between groups or organisms that is beneficial to each is known as

What term do social scientists use to refer to the socially approved use of power? 


What term refers to the type of pastoral economy in which the entire group moves with the animals throughout the year?

What kind of exchange principle was prominent in Polynesian chiefdoms? 


If rights to land are passed on through descent groups, what type of adaptive strategy is most likely?

What are the two basic social units typically found in foraging societies? 


Kottak argues that the relatively high incidence of expanded family households among poorer North Americans is

The style of ethnography in which the anthropologist puts his or her personal feelings and reactions to the field situation into the text is called


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