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Able communications is a leading cable service provider in a metropolitan area. The new customer billing system has caused an increase in complaints Zoe Valine

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1. Able Communications

Able communications is a leading cable service provider in a metropolitan area. The new customer billing system has caused an increase in complaints Zoe Valine, the office manager, asked you to investigate the situation. After interviewing data entry operators and observing the online data input process, you are fairly certain that most errors occur when data is entered.


1.     Write a brief memo to Zoe explaining the importance of data validation during the input

2.Suggest at least three specific data validation checks that might help reduce input errors.

3.Would a batch input system offer any advantages? Write a brief memo to Zoe stating your views.

1.Suppose that Able Communications is predicting 25% annual growth, on a current base of 90,000 customers. If the growth pattern holds, how many customers will Able have in three years? If it takes about 12 minutes to enter a new customer into the system, how many additional data entry operators will be needed to handle the growth next year? Assume that an operator work about 2,000 hours per year. Also assume a 30% annual attrition rate for existing customers.

2. Global Earth Mortgages

Global Earth Mortgages is a mortgage lender that makes home loans and resells the loans investors. To resell loans, strict legal guidelines must be followed. Global Earth want to develop a Web-based loan application system based on these guidelines. Because legal compliance is critical to Global Earth`s business, you decided to create a prototype that users can test before the final design is implemented. You will be meeting new week with Joanie James, Global Earth`s president, and you need to prepare for the meeting.


1.     What is a prototype and why is it an important tool for system designers?

2.Explain two different ways that Global Earth might use prototypes. 

3.What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of prototyping?

4.In addition to the wind tunnel shown in Figure 8-25 on pages 332, think of at least three other products that would be good candidates for prototyping.

3. Mountain High RV Sales


Mountain High RV Sales offers new and used recreational vehicles and campers. The company has a dealer network, but also maintains a web site where prospective buyers and sellers can browse through the inventory of new and used vehicles. Mountain High has grown, and needs a new information about prospective customers. Reed Perry, the owner, asked you to design sample computer screens and reports that the new system might produce.


1.     Design a switchboard that includes the main information management functions that Mountain High might need. Create a storyboard with a design layout that allows customers to perform the following functions: Obtain information about new RVs and campers, obtain information about used vehicles, send an n inquiry e-mail to Mountain High, learn more about the company, or review links to other RV camping-related sites.

2.     Prospective buyers might want to search for RVs and campers by features, size, price range, or manufacturer. Develop a screen design that would permit those choices.

3.     Suggest reports that might be useful to Mountain High`s management.

4.     Suggest the general layout for a Web-based source document that prospective sellers could use to describe their RVs and campers. The information should include key features, manufacturer, year length, asking price, and a field to upload photos

4.  Terrier News

Terrier News in a monthly newsletter devoted to various breeds of terriers and topics of interest to terrier owners and breeders. Annie West, the editor and publisher, asked you to help her design a system to enter and manage the hundreds of classified ads that Terrier News publishes. Some ads are for dogs wanted; some are for dogs for sale; and some offer products and services.


1.     Design a suitable source document for ads that are telephoned or mailed in.

2.     Explain user-centered design principles in a brief memo to Annie.

3.Suggest at least four user interface design guidelines for the new system.

1.Suggest several types of controls that might be used on a switchboard you plan to design. Explain why you chose each control, and create a storyboard that shows the switchboard layout. 

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